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Get a Business Sponsorship in Australia


An Australian business may sponsor an overseas resident for temporary or permanent resident status. The applicant will be granted a visa, which will allow them to travel to Australia with their family and take up a specified position with the sponsoring company. It is also possible for an overseas business to sponsor a representative to conduct business activities in Australia.

There are certain sub-categories under this category:

Australian Business Sponsorship - Temporary Residence

Australian businesses are allowed to sponsor foreign nationals for a visa by virtue of which such employees will be able to work for them for as long as 4 years. However, this field is highly regulated by the Australian immigration authorities which need to be satisfied that the sponsoring business has an appropriate place available and employing the proposed immigrant is in the best interests of the business. Apropos, the applicant must prove that he or she has the requisite training and skillset required to carry out the task or responsibilities for which they are being employed.

Employer Nomination Scheme - Permanent Residence

Australian businesses are authorized to sponsor potential immigrants for permanent resident status. The applicant must be one with the requisite skills and experience and must have at least three years of formal training and a similar work experience. It is the sponsoring entity which will be responsible for advertising the open position in the labour market and to consider the applications received.

Overseas Business Sponsorship

Overseas Business Sponsorship enables an overseas company to establish a branch office in Australia and thereby establish links with the international economy. This subclass covers business activities involving an overseas connection such as joint ventures, agency distributorships and subsidiary branches. It also covers employment or business required to be undertaken to fulfil the party-obligations under a contract in Australia, which has been awarded, say, to an overseas company.

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