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Sponsor Family To Canada


If you have a relative who is at least 18 years old and is a Canadian citizen or a person registered as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act or a permanent resident of Canada, your said relative has the ability to sponsor you to study, live and work in Canada. The sponsor must be able to show that he or she isn’t on social assistance except for disability(ies) and is obligated to provide for the basic needs of the person he or she is sponsoring so that once again, there is no unnecessary burden on the Canadian economy.

You can sponsor several different kinds of relatives, which are as follows:

Spouse, Common-Law Partner or Conjugal partner

Spouse is a person with whom you are legally married. Canadian law doesn’t discriminate between opposite sex and same sex marriages. A Common-law partner is a person who has been living together with another for at least a year. Conjugal partner, is a person outside Canada having a binding relationship with the sponsor for a year at least but can’t live with their partner. A sponsor can help any of these persons to migrate to Canada.

Parents and Grandparents

An eligible sponsor may be able to have his/her parents or grandparents to come to Canada as a permanent resident given the sponsor can financially support them and ensure that they don’t need social assistance from the Canadian government. As a corollary of this, the sponsor must be able to provide for himself.

Adopted Children and Other Relatives

Eligible sponsors can help their adopted children and other relatives as well given they meet the obligation to support them when they arrive and provide them as well as oneself with basic needs without depending on any social assistance from the government.

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