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A movement is shaped by the vision of its leaders. We started out with a vision that a few years down the line, we must have contributed enough to make this world a smaller place. And that took a lot of dedication, hard work and unflinching integrity.

Ever since technology knocked our doors, we have been transporting goods without feeling any hurdles proposed by jurisdictional boundaries. So why not allow the movement of people with the same smoothness. Today, every one stays at one place but travels around the world through their smartphones. But what about realizing the actual dream of moving cross the boundaries of one’s country of origin and settle into a land of one’s choice, where he or she believes to grow and transform. Because we believe that a person’s growth in career as well as percipience shouldn’t be constricted within the boundaries of one’s own country. That sounds equal to betraying humanity at the outset by limiting their dreams on the basis of physical boundaries.

This is where we come in as consultants cum counselors. We at FastGlobal believe in giving our clients the true picture of what migrating is like and what are the chances that their application might be approved. This is because of our faith that there are enough clients out there willing to pay for services rendered to them so instead of taking advantage of the complexity of the process, we believe in creating a goodwill for ourselves that not only increases our client base naturally, but also lasts.

As an organization, we relish in the music of success which we believe comes in the shape of approvals of applications filed for our clients. What we focus here on is not the ends of our business but how we achieve those ends. Rendering value for money immigration consultancy services to our clients is priority and nothing else. This is why we don’t mind the free evaluation at the very outset, wherein we inform our customers of the probability that their application may be declined the corollary of which is the possibility that our clients may not engage us and we may lose out on revenue. But the striking reality is that in the years that we’ve stayed in the industry, such clients have tended to engage us more often than clients who receive a positive preliminary evaluation, for the reason that they’re able to instill their trust in us.

Today, Fast Global dominates the middle east immigration industry with 5 different expansions only in the UAE, where we have been operating for over 18 years. The clientele of our partner entities have been pretty much burgeoning across the Middle East and as a group, we’re heading to move beyond our comfort zones now. As the biggest fish in the ocean, we understand that tasting success is not the end of it all. Rather it’s the beginning, the end of which is earning uncountable satisfied clients and their stories with whom we never cease to connect.

Cheers to shaping a world without boundaries.

Gafoor Shas
Founder and CEO


Gafoor Shas

Founder and CEO