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Study In New Zealand


With educational institutions like the University of Auckland, several thousands of students from all corners of the world come to New Zealand to study. If you are one of them, you will require a student visa if the program or course which you are going to pursue in New Zealand is longer than 3 months. If you wish to study for a shorter period like a holiday English program you may only require a visitor visa. If you hail from a visa free country, you won’t require a visa but will have to apply for a student permit after your arrival when you have finalized the course or program you want to take.

In order to obtain a student visa, you must fulfil the following:

  • You must first narrow down the educational institution from where you want to pursue a program or course which is more than three months long. You must then finalize the course you’ll be studying.
  • Once you have made up your mind, you should go right ahead and apply to the university where you want to study in New Zealand.
  • Should your application be accepted by a recognized New Zealand institution, you should provide the evidence of such acceptance in the required field in your visa application.
  • You must furnish a written guarantee from the said institution that you will be having suitable accommodation in New Zealand once you arrive there.
  • Evidence of sufficient funds must be provided to the immigration authorities so that once you’re in New Zealand you are able to support yourself with respect to the tuition fees and other associated expenses.
  • You must either have a return air ticket back to your country of origin or you should display evidence of sufficient funds to guarantee your ability to purchase a ticket when the time comes.
  • You will have to be checked for tuberculosis if you are spending over 6 months and if for two years, you will have to furnish a police certificate to show proof of your good character if you are more than 17 years old.

There are certain sub-categories under this category:

Fee Paying Student Visa

You will have to pay the full cost of your courses and enroll with an approved education provider. You can study full-time at the course stated on your visa and work part-time up to 20 hours a week during your stays and full time during holidays. After this visa, you can apply for another student visa or a work visa. The maximum time for which you can stay on this visa is 4 years.

Exchange Student Visa

If you have a place in an approved student exchange scheme and want to study full time in New Zealand, you’ll require this visa, to obtain which, you must show evidence of your acceptance. You’re entitled to study full time and work part time up to 20 hours a week while studying and during holidays, you can work full time. You may apply for a visitor visa in New Zealand for another 3 months as a tourist.

Pathway Student Visa

For those willing to take up 3 consecutive courses on a single student visa, a pathway student visa is required for which an offer of place from a Pathway education provider is necessary. You must provide a letter with details of the courses you plan to take up and the finish dates of each of those courses. You’re required to pay up the full cost of your first course or the first year of study and be able to support yourself. You can stay for a maximum of 5 years on this visa.

Foreign Government Supported Student Visa

On this visa, you can stay in New Zealand up to a maximum of 4 years if you have secured a government loan or scholarship and want to study full time in New Zealand. This loan or scholarship must be able to provide you with enough support while you’re in New Zealand. The work conditions remain the same as the fee paying student visa.

Limited Purpose Student Visa

As a diligent student, it is possible that you may have done some basic research on whether you are eligible for a regular student visa or not. The immigration authorities of New Zealand may encounter the fact that you are not able to fulfil all the requirements of a regular student visa, in which case you can apply for a limited purpose student visa. Insufficiency may originate in lack of sufficient documentation and other such reasons. If you are able to fulfil the required legalities of a limited purpose student visa, you may obtain the same under which although you are not having the same rights as under a regular student visa, you’ll be able to pursue some short duration courses as full fee paying student in New Zealand. You must show sufficient proof of your financial soundness so that you are able to support yourself during your stay.

It is important that you understand that you’re supposed to leave New Zealand before the expiry of your limited visa and that you cannot apply for any other visa type except applying for another limited visa or extending your limited purpose visa. Depending on your country of citizenship, chances are there will be additional requirements you might have to fulfill in order to become eligible for this visa.

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