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Bringing Transparency to Immigration Process

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Fast Global is an international immigration consultancy driven to simplify for our valued clients the exhausting process of relocation. We have been in the business for long enough to understand how totally baffling it can be for you, given the vast range of laws and compliances to be taken care of and the many challenges that you might face in order to achieve your dream of working in the west.

We consider it imperative as part of our job to make your experience of realizing your dreams an enjoyable one. Fostering a transparent environment for our clients thus comes naturally to us. For this reason, we’re always remained motivated to ensure we don’t let anything cast a shadow on our spotless integrity and we let potential clients know in advance that we can’t work with them in case they don’t meet the criteria for obtaining a particular visa.

Selfless Client Support

 With our consumer-oriented legal agreements in place, with clauses such as our refund policy, that not only provide you with legal security but also with the peace and satisfaction you want, we make it a point to never let you feel left high and dry. Right from the instance when our clients first interact with us to the point that they finally relocate and settle, we remain with our clients throughout the process. Even after relocation, we support clients selflessly, should they face any difficulty with settling down.

10+ Years of Experience

Ever since our stint with immigration consultancy began, we’ve been able to cultivate a clientele of highly satisfied individuals who have not only been bestowing upon us testimonials written from the cores of their hearts, but have also been expanding our client base. All credit goes to our strategists who work behind the scenes to nurture a program that have helped us achieve only the desired outcome every single time.

Professionalism — Our trademark

As part of our personalized professional immigration services, we offer a free of cost assessment which gives individuals the true perspective of what the entire process is going to be like, the chances of success and the costs that they are going to bear. Only after putting our clients into a spot from where they can make the right choice for themselves, we prefer to engage with them on a more intimate level. However, the fact that this evaluation is free is not equivalent to it being done by some kind of a machine. In every instance of evaluation, we deliver our personal touch and have professional consultants liaise with the potential consumers of our services, because no two cases are exactly the same. Since delivering maximum satisfaction and value for money experience to our clients is our prime priority, we make sure that we work only with the most dedicated, highly experienced, strictly trained and professional consultants and lawyers, who accompany you, as a client right from the application stage until you finally settle down in the new territory. Throughout this procedure, we supply maximum focus on assisting our clients in areas where there is no state aid. Consultants at Fast Global take up the gauntlet of providing customized and personalized services to clients aspiring for visas of different jurisdictions and categories. Over time, they have mastered across the various nuances of the entire journey from the application stage to obtaining a visa for jurisdictions such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, UK and hence, the business comes very naturally to them. Designing custom tailored programs for each client and delivering results in timed environments is something our consultants and lawyers have adapted to so there’s no chance our clients miss any important deadlines.

In a nutshell, we believe our job is to make the visa and immigration process simple by taking out the painful parts of the procedure for you, letting you only have an enjoyable immigration experience.


We started out to achieve an unprecedented level of integrity and transparency in the immigration services industry so our clients not only pay us the fee they owe us, but the respect as well.


Our vision is to be the magic wand that gets every single visa application approved, regardless of category or jurisdiction.


We’ve been marching ahead to accomplish the creation of an environment in the presence of which not only do our clients feel accompanied in every single step of the process but also where we as well, as an organization, get the required space to learn and grow.

Client Testimonials

  • Firstly, thanks for the wishes that you have extended in achieving this success. It takes me immense pleasure to thank Fast Global & its Team starting with my case manager & others. Overall, I am impressed the way the application updates and the process had been taken through other to the initial hiccups that we addressed too. As a team you have done a great job to help me achieve this & as like I have been doing I shall continue recommending your organisation within my circle. Lets also collectively work on the other committed line items like Job Search, post landing assistance and etc

    Ibaa Albatrawi
    Melbourne,Australia - Electronics Engineer
  • On this moment, I would like to personally thank you by-heart for your efforts in making possible my Australia Study permit. I believe that you made this uncomfortable journey look very easy for me by explaining and detailing everything from day one, guided me as a mentor, gave intact communication at every point of time, suggested as a friend and took the head-ache over me. Keep up the good work and all the best.

    Ginju Josey
    India - Australia Sydney - Registered Nurse