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Welcome to the Portugal D2 Visa Program! The Portugal D2 Visa is a residency program designed to attract entrepreneurs, investors, and individuals interested in starting and managing innovative projects in Portugal. This program aims to promote economic growth and innovation by providing eligible applicants with the opportunity to reside in Portugal and develop their business ventures. Here's an overview of the key aspects of the Portugal D2 Visa Program.


Portugal D2 Visa Application Process?


Document Gathering

Application Submission

Visa Approval


What is Portugal D2 visa?

The Portugal D2 visa allows entrepreneurs, freelancers, and independent service providers to stay in Portugal. The Portuguese government introduced this visa to attract external resources and investment to grow the Portuguese economy. This visa is only valid for non-EU/EEA/Swiss nationals who wish to start a business or relocate an existing business to Portugal. You can also choose to invest in existing Portuguese companies. Portugal’s D2 visa is less well-known than the D7 and Golden visas, but it is a powerful route to permanent residence and citizenship for those who want to work independently in Portugal.


Portugal D2 Documents Required

Completed and signed visa application form.

Evidence of your accommodation arrangements in Portugal.

A valid passport with at least two blank pages, valid for at least three months beyond your intended departure date.

A certificate from your home country or any other country you have lived in for the past year, confirming a clean criminal record.

Recent passport-sized photos meeting the specified requirements.

Proof of valid health insurance coverage during your stay in Portugal.

Bank statements or financial documents proving your ability to support yourself and your business in Portugal.

Your professional CV or resume detailing your qualifications and relevant experience.

A detailed business plan outlining your innovative project, including its objectives, financial projections, and expected impact on the Portuguese economy.

A signed declaration expressing your commitment to developing and managing an innovative business project in

Portugal D2 Eligibility Criteria

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Entrepreneurial Intent
Applicants should have a genuine intention to develop and manage an innovative and sustainable business project in Portugal.
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Innovative Project
The proposed business project should be innovative and contribute to the Portuguese economy. It should be well-documented and have the potential for job creation and economic growth.
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Receive Study Permit
Once approved, you will receive your study permit, allowing you to study in Canada.
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Financial Means
Applicants must demonstrate the financial means to support themselves and their business project in Portugal. This may include proof of sufficient funds or access to financial resources.

Canada Study Program Eligibility

Letter of Acceptance

Financial Resources

Clean Criminal Record

Medical Examination


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No, there is no age limit. Individuals of all ages can apply for the Portugal D2 program.

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