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Welcome to the Canada Study Visa Program! Canada is known for its world-class education system and diverse culture, making it a top destination for international students seeking quality education and a vibrant academic experience. The Canada Study Visa Program is designed to facilitate your journey to pursue higher education in Canada. Here's everything you need to know about this program.


Study Programs in Canada

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

English Language Courses

Vocational and Technical Courses


Canada Study Program Documents Required

Ensure your passport is valid throughout your entire stay in Canada.

Recent photos that meet Canadian visa application requirements.

A formal acceptance letter from your chosen Canadian institution.

If required, complete a medical examination from an approved panel physician.

Bank statements or other financial documents proving you can cover your expenses.

If applicable, provide a certificate to prove a clean criminal record.

A statement of your study plans and objectives.

A personal statement explaining why you want to study in Canada and your future plans.

Canada Study Program Application Process

Choose Your Program
Select a suitable program and obtain a Letter of Acceptance from a DLI.
Create an Online Account
Visit the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website and create an online account.
Complete the Application
Fill out the study permit application form, including all required documents and fees.
Biometrics and Interview
Depending on your country of origin, you may need to provide biometrics and attend an interview.
Wait for Processing
Wait for the IRCC to process your application, which may take several weeks.
Receive Study Permit
Once approved, you will receive your study permit, allowing you to study in Canada.

Canada Study Program Eligibility

Letter of Acceptance

Financial Resources

Clean Criminal Record

Medical Examination


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