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As the Canadian market is on the verge of seeking employees to fill the void between the organizations and the vacancies available, the tables have turned over towards a new segment where they fill the void with available vacancies by inviting foreign workers to join the Canadian workforce. When vacancies are introduced, it is necessary to go through the Canadian government laws and regulations. So, this government-approved document which is issued by the Employment and Social Development Canada is called the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). With the LMIA, a foreign worker has the ability to access the Canadian workforce easily.


When you have an LMIA, it is easier for you to get access to Canada without any prolonged process.

Who needs an LMIA?

If you are expecting to migrate and work in Canada and get sponsored by an employer in Canada, you are required to have an LMIA. All foreign workers are allowed to work in Canada only if they possess an LMIA.

How do I apply for an LMIA?

You can now obtain an LMIA easily with our expertise. Our excellent team at Fast Global Migrations has stepped forward to find these opportunities that fit your profile and meet the entire criteria for you. What you need to do first is get in touch with us as soon as possible, because we are the BEST IMMIGRATION FIRM in the UAE.  We have years of expertise, and you can trust us in this process of obtaining a LMIA in Canada.

Benefits of LMIA:

If you have an LMIA, you can work for up to 3 years without any visa renewals. After completing the contract period, you can apply for the renewal of the visa. Or else you can apply for another job easily. You can also sponsor your family and take them to Canada. You can apply for educational facilities and healthcare services from the Canadian government.

What is the validity of LMIA?

A LMIA is valid until 12 months have passed since its issuance by the Canadian authorities. You can decide when you will resume your journey in Canada within 12 months.

Our expertise in LMIA applications.

Our team of experienced professionals can guide you through the LMIA application process, ensuring compliance with all regulations and increasing your chances of a successful outcome. Our migration specialists can,

Benefits of Partnering with Us.

Streamlined process: We’ll handle the complexities of the LMIA application, freeing you to focus on your core business operations.

Increased success rates: Our experience and knowledge can significantly improve your chances of obtaining a positive LMIA decision.

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